Research and design

  • Hydro technical facilities design - dam walls, pressure and non-pressure piping, hydro-technical tunnels, etc.;
  • Hydropower plants design – derivation or in-stream hydropower plants, pre-investment studies for the construction of HPP;
  • Hydro-meliorative facilities design - irrigation and drainage systems, pumping stations, corrections of river beds, canals, barrages, fishponds, etc.;
  • Water supply on settlements - water catchments, main pipelines, pressure tanks, water supply networks, shafts, etc.;
  • Sewerage of settlements – highway collectors, sewage networks, shafts and wastewater treatment plants up to 5000 PE;
  • Preparation of designs for engineering facilities - bridges, culverts, subways and overpasses, retaining walls, etc.;
  • Surveys on groundwater extraction - shaft and drilling wells;
  • Designs of sanitary-protection zones of drinking water supply dams;
  • Designs of Detailed Spatial Development Plans (DSDP) of dams.


  • Consultancy in connection with the investment process of construction
  • Consultancy on water intake and use of water bodies
  • Consultancy on concession of dams and ponds;
  • Consultancy on the possibilities of using water energy and the construction of hydropower plants;
  • Consultancy on the use of water resources for irrigation
  • Consultancy on flood prevention;
  • Consultancy on designing or supervising technical assignments.

Technical control

  • Technical control and certification of projects in part: HTS;
  • Preparation of Assessment Compliance Reports of the investment projects, part: HTS;
  • Preparation of Technical reviews of projects, part: HTS;
  • Technical audit of projects with control checks of calculations;
  • Control-geodetic measurements of the deformations of the facilities.

Reports and opinions

  • Technical reports on the status of hydro-technical sites;
  • Express inspections and opinions on the security of hydro-technical sites;
  • Technical reports on the possibilities for realization of the investment intentions;
  • Opinions related to the operation of hydro-technical sites;
  • Elaboration of dams emergency plans;
  • Preparation of reports with the results of control-geodetic measurements of the deformations of the facilities.


  • Elaboration of technical expertise of projects;
  • Elaboration of technical expertise of constructive solutions;
  • Elaboration of technical expertise for sites in operation;
  • Elaboration of technical expertise for the construction of hydropower projects;
  • Elaboration of technical expertise for the construction of irrigation facilities;
  • Elaboration of technical expertise for the construction of water supply facilities.

Analysis and evaluations

  • Preparation of concession analyses for hydro-technical sites;
  • Preparation of technical analyses and assessment of the condition of dams and hydro-technical sites;
  • Preparation of reports for evaluation of the assets of hydro-technical sites;
  • Preparation of BoQ and analytical prices of construction sites;
  • Preparation of analyses and assessment of investments for the purposes of hydropower construction.

Dam walls operator

Dam walls operator


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